opendaysThe coast of the North East of England from Berwick in the north to Whitby and beyond in the south, has an extremely rich maritime, historic and cultural heritage. From the age of sail and right up to the 1980′s it was one of the principal shipbuilding areas in the UK, a main source of employment for seafarers and fishermen and a way of life for communities steeped in every type of maritime craft and enterprise.

Favourite, Rachel Douglas and Sovreign moored alongside on Open Day 2012.


North East Maritime Trust ( NEMT):

The Trust was formed to make a positive contribution to the renewal of interest in traditional seagoing activities in the region. The main emphasis is on the care, maintenance, restoration and reconstruction of wooden vessels.

Friends please take a look the Notice of the EGM on Aug 13 2014.

Friends of the North East Maritime Trust:

The Friends are a volunteer group formed for the purpose of promoting, supporting and assisting the Trust in all its aims, objects and activities.

Thanks to Mike Newby for the picture.


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